Who are we?

We are a full-service provider, licensed for weed management services with over 60 years combined experience in the industry. We provide weekly lawn maintenance services but can also pitch in while you’re away on vacation or help knock down your overgrown lawn in an emergency. Our lawn health program is tailored to meet specific needs to manage weed growth and provide the nutrients needed for a healthier lawn. Our bed maintenance services ensure that landscape beds are free of weeds, trimmed regularly, and looking beautiful all season.

Why choose 417 Mowing?

We are committed to providing superior lawncare services that are consistent and reliable. Our team of experienced and highly trained professionals stay current in industry best practices and prioritize customer satisfaction above all else.

Lawn Maintenance

Standard weekly service includes professional mowing, string trimming, edging and cleanup of debris. Customers are assigned a scheduled day of service, which remains consistent throughout the season except to work around weather conditions.

Fertilizer & Weed Control

Five applications of nutrient rich fertilizer and weed controlling products tailor mixed to ensure healthy lawn year-round. Our licensed professional applicators and technicians are experienced in proper application techniques.

Landscape Bed Maintenance

Trimming of bushes, shrubs, and ornamental grasses within landscape beds twice annually; installation of mulch, gravel or other desired materials as requested; removal of dead vegetation &/or planting new vegetation as requested; weed removal or chemical treatment as requested. We offer offsite disposal of trimmed debris at no additional charge.

Aeration & Overseeding

Aeration of the lawn ensures that nutrients and seeds reach the soil beneath the existing grass. It is an essential piece of maintaining a healthy lawn as it allows water and air to punch through built up grass or lawn thatch. Overseeding spreads quality grass seeds, native to our area, throughout the targeted area.

Tree Services

Pruning of branches and limbs as requested to provide under skirt clearance or clear away from structures or full removal of trees with or without complete removal of stump. We offer offsite disposal of tree debris at no additional charge.

General Landscape Projects

Whatever your lawn and landscape needs are, we can handle the job with our knowledge, experience and professional equipment!

Meet the team

We take care of your lawn so you can take care of life!



With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, there isn’t much Shawn hasn’t encountered in the lawn. He is a licensed certified applicator for weed and lawn pest control and holds a BS degree in Finance Real Estate. He is a Springfield native with strong ties to the community making him the perfect “Face of the Company.”


Business Manager

Jen has an MBA and spent over 20 years in corporate America. She relocated to the Springfield area to advance her career. She came to 417 Mowing temporarily to take a break from “the grind.” Nearly six years later, she’s found her passion and manages all day-to-day operations but never misses the chance to jump on a machine and mow the day away!


Mowing Division Superintendent

Bringing more than 15 years’ experience, Jared understands “When Quality Matters,” and instills his values in everything he does. He is committed to customer satisfaction and teaches new recruits his best practices and valuable efficiencies to ensure everyone on the team is up to par. It is not uncommon to see Jared running as he works – good luck keeping up!


Maintenance Technician

Growing up around small engines under his grandfather’s guidance, Connor developed a love for all things mechanical. He is pursuing a degree in diesel mechanics but spends his free time maintaining company vehicles and equipment. His role is critical to ensuring our teams can stay on track and he never hesitates to jump in a truck in a pinch!


Mowing Division Specialist

With over 5 years’ experience, Dawson brings a real passion for beauty to his daily work. He is studying to be a certified technician for weed and lawn pest control. He strives to make each lawn look immaculate each visit to ensure customers have the best-looking lawn on the block!


Mowing Division Specialist

Working alongside his father for many summers, Nemo learned to respect both quality and efficiency and successfully merges the two on each lawn he services. Customer satisfaction is top on his list. There aren’t many that can match Nemo’s skills!

Let us take care of your lawn.